Cortical loop magnetic watch strap - white 皮質回環磁吸錶帶- 白色




Cortical loop magnetic watch strap 皮質回環磁吸錶帶 適合:Series 1/2/3/4/5 物料:真皮 款式:白色 尺寸: 適合42/44mm Apple Watch 錶帶效果:荔枝皮紋理,在皮革內藏入磁體,只需將錶帶繞於腕間,就能與手腕完美貼合,簡潔利落,耐用、輕巧、佩戴舒適。 Suitable for: Series 1/2/3/4/5 Material: Genuine leather Color: white Size: Suitable for 42/44mm Apple Watch Strap effect: Litchi leather texture,magnetic hidden in the leather, just wrap the strap around the wrist, you can fit the wrist perfectly, simple and neat, durable, lightweight, comfortable to wear.

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